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'HYPOCHONDRIAC', The First Full Length 'Disobedient' will available on February 7th,2016 + Teaser and New Song published.

This is the identity of Indonesia's brutal death metal, which offers the beauty of grooves and tempos, aggressive and rebellious, and exalt the harmonious lilt above everything. Yes, the concept such as this, causing an addiction.   In other words, my ass could linger for sitting to enjoy and listen the concept such as this.  In The Meanwhile, accuracy of parity between the European and American brutal death typical, impressed easily understood and truly entertaining.  Not to mention, the rough sound character, causing the soul to rebel easily to be realized.   It seems, this album  indeed provided for those of you who expect a trigger temper.

The next few days, exactly on February 7th,2016, Hypocondriac from Indonesia will be released the first full length album, entitled ' Disobedient ' under the flag of the label ' Extreme Soul Productions '. The process of Mastering and mixing done at Flyingpaper Studio. A song titled ' Radikalisme ' and a teaser has been published a few days ago. You can hear it here.

In the meantime, the label confirms about the release of the album is as follows:

Pre-Order Now (Until 06.Feb.2016)
For Pre-Order Free Exclusive Sticker + Poster Hypochondriac
CD : 50K (Indonesia) / 10$ (Worldwide)
Cassette : 40K (Indonesia) / 8$ (Worldwide)
T-Shirt : Soon Available
CD + Cassette : 80K (Indonesia) / 15$ (Worldwide)
Not Include Postage & Package

Formed in Bandung, Indonesia in 2008, the Band who had good talent, previously has been released a demo entitled ' All Your Shitty Word Will Rape Your Self ' in 2014.

1. Initiate Torture  
2. Shut Up!!!
3. Madness Queen  
4. Radikalisme 
5. Disobedient  
6. Batara Kala Gugat  
7. The Beast and the Conqueror  
8. Titah Darah Penguasa  
9. Rest into Pieces  
10. Ruthless Endless

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