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REPROBATION - One Final Autopsy... (2016) * Review

'On behalf of the gut spilling, let me lift it from the stomach that has been decayed ''. Twenty-three years and hardly exist, ' Reprobation ' reappear, after the release of the third full length album, entitled ' One Final Autopsy...', and hope that, this album may be not the last surgery from them. ' One Final Autopsy...' has been released on January 12nd, 2016 independently. Recorded in 2008, the album is available in digital format, while that for the limited physical format will soon be available.

Ten songs (including an Intro ' Liquified ') + two tracks from demo 2014 (Hoarding, Bodies and Refection) provide a depth of gore that has been existing since ' One Rotted Autopsy (1999) '. Personally, there is an admiration when I wrote a review of the album from a band that been two decades formed.  Why?, as I could still feel the depth of the old way of brutal dissonance, although I understand that the ' Reprobation ' less exist in the release the album, yet the composition of their music since the first full length album ' Undoing Creation ' always consistent until the present.  I ever had a second full length album titled ' The Colour of Gore (2005) ' , which released by ' Forever Underground Records (closed) ' and thought it as putrid gore.  The concept of this album is not much different from the latest. Stay consistent with the type of chaos, occasionally offering raw grind and catchy slam grooves and blasts of perfidy brutal that caused this album appealing to be heard.

' Swallow in Lust ', ' Crimson Facials ' or ' Empire of Shit ' have brought my recollection on the songs on the album ' Undoing Creation ' , such as ' salvation ' or ' Reconstructing the Defleshed ', and have no doubt that, they still produce unrefined gore.   Meanwhile, the 'Hatefucking The Decrepit ' and ' Battery of Bodily Waste ' focus on a balanced groove tempos.  These two songs also offers a balance proportion beats among brutal, slam and grind.   Likewise to the song ' Dragged' and 'Undead '. Meanwhile, ' Hellbent for leather ' is different from the concept of the previous songs in the album. Even though, I still feel the nuance of gore on this song, yet the concept of the old way of thrash dominates in this song.  'Helbent of Leather' is entertaining and on one side, it's truly rebellious.

' One Final Autopsy ... ' is an album that created to persuade the mind to imagine of body dissection, Am I right?.   This album also reminds me of a neighbour, who died were killed and drowned into the sea a year ago. On the other side, this album deserves to be respected, due to until now, the 'Reprobation' still consistent with their brutal mischief, which barely audible since ' The Colour Of Gore '.   Now, the bowel has been lifted and hopefully not decayed.

1. Liquefied *(intro)  
2. Swallowed in Lies 
3. Crimson Facial Paste
4. Empire of Shit  
5. Hatefucking the Decrepit
6. Battery of Bodily Waste  
7. Gore Splattered Bliss
8. Dragged
9. Undead 
10. Hellbent for Leather
11. Hoarding Bodies (2014 Demo)
12. Refection (2014 Demo)

Rob Whitworth - Guitars
Carl Pavesich - Vocals
Aaron Nelson - Bass
Mike Rees - Drums
P.J. Fournier - Guitars

Written by Sigbin and Cerberus
Edit by: Cerberus

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