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'SLAVES OF SUFFERING', The Front Cover Art and Lyric Video from The Upcoming Debut Album Revealed

Brutal Death Metal from Mexico, ' Slaves Of Suffering ' soon released their first full-length album, entitled ' Advent of Despair ', through ' Ungodly Ruins Production ' in the spring of this year. The Front Cover Album Art, The Lyric Video entitled ' Dwell In Torment', and teaser of the album, have been published. Then, a song titled ' Destructive Design' also included in this article.

The first and need to be attention from their first full-length album is an art that was painted by 'Remy Cuveillier' of 'Headsplit Design'. This is an art that has a depth of thought and imagination. See the mixing of colour, scratches, and painful elements are shown from a creature whose eyes impaled by something sharp adds too curious concerning what makes this album into something different. And will definitely be answered, when feeling the nuances of all songs which be heard, or had to do with the album's title, who knows. To be sure, when I saw the art displayed, there is an interest to hear this album later.

Meanwhile, for music that was published through a lyric video, entitled ' Dwell In Torment', I hear pomposity of the old ways of Death Metal, even I also prove it when heard the teaser of the album. Built from harmony through balance the proportions of European and American brutal purity, so created an interest in hearing a song repeatedly, very attractive, grooved and the main thing is my head easy to head banging.

In depth about the concept offered, my ears are sensitive to hear another song, entitled ' Destructive Design'. Through the derivative of Ungodly Brutal Death, which rapidly presents the feel of suffering and torture, when hearing a deep incision of the guitar riffs that played, Guttural vocals and the authentic blast from the 90s Death metal Era.  I sense there is a correlation between the atmosphere of darkness and the sacrilege, that included in a song. Interesting, and I will not miss the coherence of this atmosphere from the album.

01 Advent Of Despair 02 Crown Of Ignorance 03 Servants Of Corruption 04 Imminent Demise 05 Dwell In Torment 06 Systematic Opression 07 Dismal Realm 08 Destructive Design 09 Vicious Cycle

FRANK / Vocals
TONY / Guitar
HUGO / Guitar
UVAL - Bass

Written and Edit by Argos

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