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'UPCOMING DEVASTATION', The New Video for 'Human Flesh' presented +Trilogy Of Human Decay (EP 2016) Review

A Brutal Death Metal Band from Ourance, Spain, ' Upcoming Devastation ', presented a new video entitled ' Human Flesh ', which taken from the "Trilogy Of Human Decay (EP-2016) '. You can watch the video here.

Indeed, I still wait for their second full-length album, yet Although the ' Trilogy of Human Decay ' just an EP, yet I'm glad to be back to hear the moans of pain and suffered a pounding heart rate. Three songs on this EP remains the consistent in offer the savagery of brutal death metal that inserts the excellent proportion of technical grooves, Grind, Gore, and slam. Almost the same as ' Visceral Hate (2013) ', which dominated by a technical groove and the blast of purity brutal death metal. However, this time, ' Upcoming Devastation ', further explore a cruelty from the depths of the brutal death metal, without compromise, and provides the desire for torment rapidly. Until now, the band consistent with the way they interpret the brutal death metal that forced an incitement to torture, atmosphere of suffering without limit and offers the imagination against the plague of destruction.

I feel the beauty (Horror) of gore displayed on a song titled, ' Human Flesh ', which has a groove of the atmosphere of persecution through the guitar riffs created. Meanwhile, ' Chromosome nº 13 ' is The surliness of brutal death metal that displayed the ferocity of technical riffs.  In assuming that, This song offers the solidity of modernization brutal death metal and spread the imagination of the annihilation epidemic.

' Return To The First Day ' is an absolute concept of the existence of their brutality, as in the previous album, ' Visceral Hatred '.  Offering a balance of pure brutal death metal elements, technical groove, and horror of gore and slam.

It is interesting to understand the concept of the music from this band. Besides, smart to offers the feel of torture. ' Upcoming Devastation ' also offers the exploration of brutal death metal violently. However, with the presence of a groove in their music, so, it can be concluded that this band has a beautiful concept of brutal death metal. This is a fantastic band. Don't miss the riffs that they create due to it makes the ears agitated to hear their songs repeatedly, believe me.!

1.  Human Flesh
2.  Chromosome nº 13
3.  Return to The First Day

Aarón Vila / guitars
Ramón Blanco / vocals
David Carballeda / drums
Roy Hermida / Bass

Written and Edit by: Sigbin

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