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'BAALSEBUB ', The first full-length Album provided at the end of May 2016

2016 is the year of malice and madness of brutal death metal, this one proof of that.   Brutal Death Metal band from 'Estonia', ' Baalsebub ' ready to release the first full-length album on May 31, 2016, through the ' Ungodly Ruins Production '.  Therefore, be prepared with all the killer weapon due to it would reveal all the norms of distortion by the disharmony of torture.

' The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition ' consists of eight track brutality that embody the uncontrollable and ineffable inquisition. In the meantime, The album cover was designed by 'Alex Tartsus Studio'.  A song has been published, and can be heard here.

I have followed their brutality since ' The Great Plague (2013) ' and I feel that, behind the concept of pure sick brutal death metal, there is an interesting from guitar riffs that are offered.  The guitar riffs demolish the harmonization with the thickness of the distortion and dominated by the raw blasting and nasty grinding. I listen to surprises from the disharmony of the combination between slam and blast.

1.     Death by Boiling        
2.     Nightwatch        
3.     Examination of a Witch        
4.     Procedure of Emasculation        
5.     Dungeon of Rats        
6.     Torment of the Slow Rectal Impalement        
7.     Pear of Anguish    
8.     The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition

Tarvi - Lead Guitar
Markus - Drums
Taavi - Bass Guitar
Aivar - Vocals


Written and Edit by Sigbin
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