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'GORGED BILE', Joins with Ungodly Ruins Productions for the Upcoming Album

After proudly presents the irreverence of the brutal death ' Imprecated ' , which will release the first full-length album some time ahead, this time, the label ' Ungodly Ruins Productions' presents the sadistic brutal death metal that still from Russia, ' Gorged Bile ', for the upcoming full-length album.

Their second full-length album "Origin Of Contempt" is at the final stage of recording now and will be out late 2016.

I still hear ' Absterged From Hominal Patterns ' , which was issued last year and two tracks of promo that was published in January 2016, and to this day, I still deem that they are the most sadistic in realizing the sanctity of the profundity brutal death metal. I wasn't able to turn the attention to the brutality of this band since unable to prevent the suffering experienced by my body when I heard the concept of sadistic brutality they create. And for the upcoming album, its presence certainly can't ignore.

Ivan - Vocals
Nickolay - Guitars
Yuriy - Bass
Serg - Drums

Written and Edit by Argos
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