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'AVULSED', The front cover art for the 25th Anniversary double album 'Deathgeneration' revealed

With only 10 days left on Avulsed's pre-order campaign through crowdfunding, the band has decided to reveal the astonishing album cover for their upcoming 25th anniversary double album "Deathgeneration".

Artwork for "Deathgeneration" was made by Russian artist Daemorph Evilartdominion, also bass player in the Death Metal band 'Grond'.
Avulsed is currently embarked in a crowdfunding campaign to achieve, with the help of their fans, an extremely ambitious project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the band. You can find information about it and also on how to contribute to it through pre-orders on their many articles and packs, on the following link:
This crowdfunding campaign started in April 25th and will end in June 10th. Release date for "Deathgeneration" double album is set for 1st of November with Xtreem Music in charge of the marketing, promotion and distribution on a worldwide basis.

Dave Rotten: Vocals
Cabra: Guitar
Juancar: Guitar
Tana: Bass
Arjan: Drums

Written by Xtreem Music
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