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' FACE OF OBLIVION ', announced the tour schedule on the ' Diabolical Barbarity 2016' and the new song from their sophomore album published.

After confirming that, 'Jesse Watson (Incinerate)' as a new vocal, 'Face Of Oblivion' announced that The second full-length album, entitled ' Cataclysmic Desolation' will be released by ' Comatose Music '. Meanwhile, awaiting for the recording process completed, they published a song that will be included in this album, entitled ' Schapism '. The song was mixed and mastered by 'Dave Otero'. 

Sharing Stage with ' Embodied Torment (US) ' and ' Omnipotent Hysteria (UK) ', 'Face of Oblivion ' confirms about the schedule of shows for the tour, which called ' Diabolical barbarity 2016 ' in some States in the United States. Please check out this Banner 

Jesse Watson - Vocals
Chris Hensley - Lead Guitar
Brandon Bohlman - Rhythm Guitar
Cole Gunther - Bass
Eric Baumgard - Drums

written and edit by Hydra
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