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'HOMICIDE' , publishes a new single titled ' Serpent Sentinel '

From Dhaka, Bangladesh, I glad to hear the song, published by the ' Homicide '. Yes, the aggressive Death metal with many styles of riffs that cause I had to hear it repeatedly. Sometimes I can get angry and want to strike an enemy with a knife that I handheld. Also, sometimes I get carried away into the nuances of the massacre or the gloom when they offer brutal , technical and melodic riffs in a time that fits in a song. All this, I received by a set of incisive, crushing and coarse typical, grooved, and filled with the correlation between anger and darkness.  Deeply, I observe that the ' Homicide ' plays the old style of death metal with intense, brings the influence of the overall feel of the Dying Fetus and Malevolent Creation.

Supposedly,  we have to pay attention to the creation of Asia on this one. Creating music that is not monotonous, interest to be heard repeatedly, and to me, the impression is angry that culminated until a massacre which I need when hearing death metal on the way.

A cursory biography of the band cited,
''Homicide is one of those few bands that went against the wave way back in 2009. The six years of existence retrospective to the then growing metal scene are certainly a milestone in the bands journey. Amongst the surge of newly formed thrash metal bands, Homicide chose to be different: playing a more vital and gruesome form of death metal. Since then, Homicide still remains the one of the few death metal bands in Bangladesh.''

A song that was published entitled ' Serpent Sentinel ' was published, and creating an expectation and hope to the question, ' When will they be released the full-length album '?.  In addition, I am happy to include a song that becomes my favorites for a while, which is titled ' Hades '.  This single was also featured on "Luxury Of Pain" compilation, released by Mortuary Productions.

An Ep entitled "Annihilation Pit ', which was released by 2013 by ' Infinite Regress Records ' is also included in this article. Please be heard.

Istiaque Ahmed- Vocals
Showmik Das- Guitars
Selmi Azhar Nabil- Bass
Sarrowar Hossain Seam-Drums
Official Youtube Channel

Written and Edit  by: Cerberus

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