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'AZOOMA', Debut Full-length Revealed in detail

Iranian Death Metal 'AZOOMA' already impressed with their debut EP "A Hymn of the Vicious Monster" released in 2014. Their astonishing brand of progressive yet brutal high class Death Metal didn't leave unperturbed anyone who dared to listen. Now the band is ready to unleash upon mankind their debut album "The Act of Eye", a conceptual work that push boundaries in Progressive Death Metal.

No, don't tremble after hearing the word "progressive". On this infested scene full of trendy proggies who care more about poseurism and too often forget about what Metal is all about, AZOOMA don't need to wear a fashion look or deny their Death Metal roots to prove there's plenty of room for innovation yet retaining classic elements at the same time. It's unbelievable that a band from Iran has to come and teach us all how this can be done! We, europeans and americans, think we're the top of the top and that's bullshit. AZOOMA proves it with total humbleness.

"The Act of Eye" comes with a brutal yet abstract cover art made by artist Shahriyar Shervin who also did all the booket artwork to illustrate this complex conceptual work. Mixed and mastered by Mathieu Pascal from french masters GOROD, "The Act of Eye" is a masterpiece that will raise an eyebrow on you if you leave your prejudices apart and give them a listen. Don't be a fool, try it!

Tracklist for "The Act of Eye" is as follows:

Act 1 - Plague of Predator
Act 2 - Umbra of Mirth
Act 3 - The Ocular Dominance
Act 4 - Erosion of Shadows
Act 5 - Non-Entity of Visions
Act 6 - Flare of Flames
Act 7 - Objectivity of Oblivion
Act 8 - The Eyes: A Tale of Sight and Shadows

Release date for "The Act of Eye" will be October 10th through Xtreem Music on CD format. 

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