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'BLUTRINĂ', New tracks from Debut full length Album Released

Yesterday I explored YouTube to hear the extreme metal, as usual, search for music every day that contains fresh ideas, disparate compositions and to add to the noise in the ears.  Later, I found one is different from the character as usual I found. The band glorifies Grindcore as the key framework of their music, although I was able to find several parts of the hackneyed death metal riffs played. However, the difference from the majority grindcore bands I've heard that this band have the concept of melodies which adapted from cartoons that became the idea of ​​music for their debut album. This is truly striking. If you hear the song 'I Know Something I won't Tell', you'll understand what I view, and I guarantee you will hear repeatedly.

I expect that this band preserves their innovative ideas cause I have always had a different view in enjoying extreme metal music. And 'Blutrina' , who comes from Romania attract my attention due to they have a topical way to revolt. Indeed, this time, I am looking for different ways to rebel.

Below, the excerpt from the label 'Loud Rage Music' which will release their first full-length album. And maybe this one shall be placed on the shelves of your rotten grindcore collection.

''Looney Fuckin' Grind, Blutrină's debut album, was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2015 at Consonance Studios, Timisoara, Romania by Edmond Karban (aka Hupogrammos) and Cristian Popescu (aka Sol Faur), both members of well-known bands Dordeduh and Sunset in the 12th House. The album's beautifully disgusting cover artwork was done by Sebastian Stancu, also know from his work as vocalist and founding members for Spiritual Ravishment.''

''Keeping a loose Death Metal Grind mindset, Looney Fuckin' Grind is heavily inspired by Looney Tunes, noticeably taunting at different melodies from the cartoon series, as well as adapting scenes from other cartoons, such as Cow and Chicken and Family Guy.''

This album is set for September 23rd,2016.  Looney Fuckin' Grind also features Andreas "Blix" Jacobsen gurgling on Roadrunner Roadkill as well as some secret appearances by other notable guest musicians.


  1. Fucking Shit
  2. Chlorophorm
  3. Veins And Sillhouttes
  4. Blood Clot
  5. I know Something I Won't Tell 
  6. Chaotic Masturbation
  7. Pussy Blast
  8. Roadrunner Roadkill
  9. No More Shitting
  10. Morphing In Vitro 01:40
  11. Grindkiller
  12. Arise And Crush
  13. Quagmire
  14. Paranoid Pussy
  15. Doodah
  16. I.o.o.I
  17. Defleshing Porky Pig
  18. Uranus


Loud Rage Music:

Written by LILI
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