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'DEHUMANIZED', 'Beyond the Mind' promo clip (Worthless Prosperity) published

One album from 'Comatose music', which I'm waiting for its coming is 'Beyond the Mind' from 'Dehumanized'. Their third full-length album will come in October 28th, 2016.  I've been impatient waiting for its coming.

Eminently, this will be the instigator of the rebellion this year, such as their earlier album, 'Controlled Elite' or 'Prophecies foretold', which indeed led me into the feel of lasting recrimination, uprising, and abhorrence.  The diversity of the old-school death riffs are evident along with the tempos that are not intricate will be appealing to continue to explore deeply, and listen repeatedly.  Furthermore, the natural fusion between slam and old-school death metal created, which caused to have no desire to forget their albums and it seems will be increasingly instill committed in my mind when to listen to a song that was published recently.  Listen to it here!.

What comes to my mind when I heard this song is grenades that are being prepared to detonate my enemy's heads.

With this new release, Dehumanized combines thought provoking lyrics with their deeply rooted and signature NY blast and slam style. Everything is skillfully coalesced to forge this masterpiece of devastation that is executed with dynamic precision and relentless brutality. ‘Beyond the Mind’ was recorded at the renowned Full Force Studio and the massive audio production dialed in by Joe Cincotta. Plus fascinating artwork by the always talented Tony Koehl. Don’t miss what’s sure to be an instant classic.

1. Worthless Prosperity 
2. P.C.C.R  
3. Beyond the Mind
4. Black Market 2099
5. Abyss Ambassador  
6. One North  
7. The First Immortal  
8. Last Words  
9. Drawn by Blood  
10. Telepathics

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