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'DEVAST', The Detail For The forthcoming Album Revealed

Technical Brutal Death Metal, Devast has revealed the detail for their forthcoming album ,entitled ‘Apocalyptic Human Extinction’

 The Guitarist 'Idir Yachir' states ;
"Apocalyptic Human Extinction’ is Devast’s evolution into the chaotic and ultra-brutal realms of Technical Death…“

Highly influenced by the likes of INTERNAL SUFFERING, ORIGIN, WORMED, etc., Apocalyptic Human Extinction’ speaks of a chaos at the end of humanity”.
In regards the album cover, Idir adds: “The cover expresses the theme of the album precisely. We hope fans can visualize this design as they listen to the album and read the lyrics”

Album art by Russian illustrator, Daemorph (The Black Dahlia Murder, Avulsed Official, Epicardiectomy).

''Apocalyptic Human Extinction'' was recorded at Rockoleta Studio and mixed / mastered by Anthropocide Studios (Abominable Putridity, Mortal Torment, Aborted Fetus). The album also includes special guest appearance by Jon Burr (Omnipotent Hysteria).

Previously, 'Devast' has broadcast a brief preview in the studio playthrough format of a song some time ago, it might be able to add your passion to looking forward to this album. Please check !.

''Priotizing the first for this Crushing technical in this November before you creating the mainland of massacre.''

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Chaotic Proliferation
3. Mass Pandemia of Corpses
4. Apocalyptic Human Extinction
5. Chapter of Neverending Torment
6. Triumphal Colossal Devastation
7. Apocalyptic Human Extinction II
8. Catastrophic BeastSpawn
9. Cataclysmic Cycle
10. Apocalyptic Human Extinction III

’Apocalyptic Human Extinction' is set for release November 18 via Gore House Productions as CD / DIGITAL


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