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'FACE OBLIVION', The Forthcoming Album coming on November 11th,2016, and New song revealed

Minnesota Tech-Death Brutal FACE OF OBLIVION release sophomore album Cataclysmic Desolation on November 11th on Comatose Music. A promo video for new song "Debridement" is available here.

Now fronted by vocalist Jesse Watson (INCINERATE), FACE OF OBLIVION are primed and ready to unleash their cacophonous soundtrack for the inevitable extinction that awaits mankind. Frenzied speed coupled with unparalleled technique come together to shape this massive overkill of head crushing barbarity. No one is safe, the end haunts us all, prepare for desolation...

FACE OF OBLIVION's roots were laid by Hensley and Brandon writing songs on guitar, then Ogar and Matt Preston (Fetus Heist) came into the band and the brutality got ratcheted up a few notches. Unfortunately shit happened and Matt decided to part ways with the band. But luckily the guys were able to rebound by quickly convincing James Lee (ex-ORIGIN) to take over duties on the mic and lyrics. The band finally got Cole Gunther (What Lies Within, ex-Bodies in Wake) throwing down on the 6 string bass, completing the line-up. FACE OF OBLIVION signed to Comatose Music and then released debut album The Embers of Man in 2011.

In 2015 the group made the extremely difficult decision to part ways with vocalist James Lee. While this unfortunately closes a great chapter in the band's history, great things are on the horizon, including the upcoming release of Cataclysmic Desolation.

1. Embracing Damnation
2. Seismic Anomaly
3. Cataclysmic Desolation
4. Aokigahara
5. Futility
6. Walls of Flesh
7. Irreconcilable Differences
8. Scaphism
9. Paradoxical Undressing
10. Debridement
11. Honorable Descent
12. Shroud of Hypocrisy



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