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'GUTSLIT', New Official Video from the Forthcoming Album Revealed

Mumbai's Brutal Death Metal, 'Gutslit ', will release their forthcoming album through the label "transcending obscurity' this year (2016).  The album, entitled 'Brodequin' is the first time for the vocalist 'Kaushal LS' after replacing 'Aditya Barve'.  And Something interesting for the dissonance of brutal death will be revealed this year.

Do not hesitate to hear the quality of brutal death that created due to the diversity of the emotion to kill, gnaw, and exterminate.  It can be explored on the riffs that created. Moreover, Rapid and not tedious becoming the first expectation to listen to this genre.

Previously, I've proved it when heard their first full-length album, entitled 'skewered in the sewer, which have musical concept such as serrated with the acuity of flashy riffs, grooved and diverse.  Furthermore, absolutely has a different feel on each riff created. 

You can also listen to a song (Scaphism) from the forthcoming Album here.  So, do not store your pistols or another murder weapon at home due to would be preferable if set it in your waist and bring it wherever you will go due to it will be useful at the time you want to feel the circumstance of their brutality. So, please remember that!.

Gurdip Singh Narang : Bass
Aaron Pinto : Drums
Prateek Rajagopal : Guitars
Kaushal LS  : Vocals

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