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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'INTRICATED', The First Full-Length Album coming on October 31st,2016, A new song revealed

One for all, let's welcome for something that repulsive. I bring to you the news from the civilization of brutal death metal, but this time not from Europe or America, but from Asia. From Bangkok, I'm waiting for the 'Intricated's first full-length album, entitled 'The Vortex of Fatal Depravity ', and it will be released on October 31st, 2016 by the distinctive label for brutal death metal, 'Permeated Records'.

Indeed, I am looking forward to this album, because earlier, I hear their demo / single, which was released two years ago, entitled 'Swallowed the Undead Parasites' almost every day, and I was never satisfied and always repeat a song called' Homicidal Syndrome Infection '. I enclose their demo below. 

This dissonance is a basic depth of sadism brutal death metal. All you need for virulence of brutal death metal are in their music, such as deep guttural, the solemnity of brutal death , and strained by the gripping and abusive riffs which binding the turpitude slamming and diablery Goregrind. Not to mention, the incisive and dark sound setting can easily imagine about the abyss of hell. Moreover, rapid in feeling the terrified, in the sense, never want to be late in facing the sadism atmosphere.

Recently, A song entitled 'Spawn of Fatal Depravity' was published. Please feel free to listen here. 

Spawn of Fatal Depravity is a series of sadism for basic brutal death which offered the balanced proportions between the depth of brutal and slamming, which consist of malignant and insolent riffs. As a Note, just to hear the riffs offered, I would like to dig in the ground to reach the body corpses that had been rotting to collect their organs. Additionally, Coupled with the tight and dark sound setting such as this, it looks like I'm surrounded by the headless human bodies . Is it sick or disgust?. let's clips the ears before to listen to this song. 

'The Vortex of Fatal Depravity' recorded at MW11 Studio (Bangkok, Thailand), except the drums was recorded at the Grand's Studio (Bangkok, Thailand). This album mixed by Adrian Cappelletti at INURN Productions (Melbourne, Australia), . Meanwhile, 'Trevor Sadler' mastered this album at Mastermind Productions (North Carolina, United States). The Sick artistically full designed by 'Sickness666'.

1.     Spawn of Fatal Depravity    
2.     Swallowed the Undead Parasites        
3.     Deranged Apocalypse        
4.     Represent Existence        
5.     The Annihilating Vortex        
6.     From the Ash to Reformation        
7.     Forwarding the Collapses        
8.     The Bipolarized Leviathans        
9.     Impulsive Genocide 

Written and Edit by Cerberus
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