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'MALIGNANCY', Official Lyric Video from the upcoming EP revealed.

'Malignant Future' is the upcoming Ep will be released by Willowtip Records on October 11, 2016 (CD). Ep is also available in a digital version on October 7, 2016. Below, you can hear the first song titled 'Antiquated Vernacular'.

Malignancy is a Yonkers, NY-based death / grind band founded by Danny Nelson and Javier Velez in February of 1992. Early in the band's history the major problem was always members. Originally consisting of Danny Nelson (vocals), Javier Velez (Guitars) and Kevin Chamberlan (Drums). Malignancy (then going by the name of the carcinogen) wrote a few songs but they were missing something important ... brutality! After a couple of months Collectively the members thought it was time for a change. So due to musical differences, Kevin left and Frank Madaio (Bass) and John Marzan (Drums). All the material was then dissected and all the boring parts were weeded out. During this long process was added a second guitarist, Larry Demlin. Larry did not last, Neither did our other recently added guitarist, Tom Dorney. Finally in April of 1993, Malignancy was ready to make their mark in the death metal community. (source: Willowtip Records).

1.     Antiquated Vernacular
2.     Debilitating Morphology        
3.     Contagious Psychosis 

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 Malignancy also confirmed that they will perform at the event called 'Berlin Death Fest', which will be held on October 7 to 8, 2016. See the Banner below.

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