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POPPY SEED GRINDER - Bleeding Civilization (2016) * REVIEW

For a long time, we do not write reviews of the album, and this time, I longed to write it. An album that attracts my attention to begin is a totality of brutal death metal aggression that contains a blend of grind and thrash elements in one unit of purity of the hackneyed old-school death metal riffs.  The band which should be respected.  It is reasonable, when to listen to their music from the album 'Oppressed Reality (2004),' until now 'Bleeding Civilization (2016)' , it never changes their musical style.  Consistent and have a character in creating a style of music is one of the characteristics of bands that should be respected.  It makes me applaud and mention that they should be prioritized or recommended.

The latest album from them, entitled 'Bleeding Civilization' was released by the label from Japan, 'Amputated Vein', On August 2016.   It consists of nine songs plus a bonus track titled 'Oppressed Reality' ,which I know, it was a re-recording taken from their first album 'Oppressed Reality (2014).  When you're finished listening to all  songs on this album, you allowed to opine and feel that, the concept that offered almost the same as Dying Fetus, and it will be ok due to the transition between  grind and death metal is balanced such as Dying Fetus. However, the different is the character of the sound that created and the energy that revealed might not be the same with Dying Fetus. Whatever it is, I'm adamant that, they have a character of their own.  It appears from the riffs are created, which cause my head could not stop for headbanging, and energetic tempo causes to up from sitting and arrange a plan for a revolt.

There are several songs on this album were indeed inciting my left hand to hold a knife and a pistol in my right hand to immediately to attack my enemy, among others 'Variety X', and 'Cesspit of Demagoguery'.  Invented by the mid-tempo with vigorous elements of thrash in the early part of the song and then,rapidly with the tempo from the grind elements that solid and Intense.  Meanwhile, the opening song 'Dominant Class Of Animals' directly dominated by malicious of old-school brutal at the beginning part of the song.  Following the concept such as it, the songs such as  'Going Through', 'Blindead', 'Bleeding Civilization' and 'Reign of Fear' is the firebrand and truly instigators to revolt.  Additionally, cause to emerge the adrenaline and discards the fear when I heard these songs.  Two other songs are also can not be refused from my mind is how easily to find the character of their music, it can be found in the songs entitled "Humans are Dead 'and' Disfigured Face of the Earth '.

I'm pleased to listen to all songs on this album and enjoyed the uprising that exists within this album. I deem their music on every album is a satisfaction guarantee, especially this album. Do you have a desire to invent the uprising by listening to the music easily? or just to be quiet to think about how to kill your enemy through music? 'Bleeding Civilization' is the one that you need right now.

Art displayed on every album that I follow from this band is very typical. However, this time, Not satisfied with the art displayed, since it is too dim or dark for music created such as this. But whatever it is, the work of aggressive and energetic from them since 2004 that cause me to forget the art displayed.

1.     Dominant Class of Animals    
2.     Humans Are Dead    
3.     Variety X    
4.     Cesspit of Demagoguery    
5.     Going Through    
6.     Blindead    
7.     Disfigured Face of the Earth    
8.     Reign of Fear    
9.     Bleeding Civilization    
10.     Oppressed Reality

Album : 100/100
Art: 70/100

Author: Cerberus

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