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PUTREFIED CADAVER - Weight Of Massive Shots (2016) * REVIEW

Since a week ago I bought this album, although not every day I heard, however, there are times when I would foster feelings of resentment and anger, and I definitely view this album and heard repeatedly.  Previously, I did not familiar with this band, I was just curious about the music that they create, when the first time view the art displayed colour in the cover album that blends with the band's logo colour, so, if the album art is seen from afar, the band's logo is not visible, but I should view it up close. The Art displayed in this album less interesting for me.

In terms of the quality of music that they created, "Massive Weight of shots' is sick in the ears, and this is truly coming from the abyss that disgusting. I like the unique blasts of drums.   There are several blasts that rarely heard from most. If deeply, I hear the fusion of vomit sickness and devilish riffs such as Slamming, Pure Brutal, and technical Goregrind created. There are some songs that incorporate it all, among others  Rotting Bitch, Convulsive Agony, Isolated Space, Machine Gun Brast Prayer, and Exhaustic Mind.

I admit that the band has a ferocious and harsh tempo, it was heard throughout the song on the album. Additionally, the strength of disharmony in the music created are true to find easily, and I mention that they bring repulsive and unpredictable brutality.  it seems when to be listening to the transition from riffs created. It is ''totally disgusting''.   This designation causes my mind to always lead to the holes that have been penetrated by hundreds of bullets in the chest, which festering and rotting, and also plagued by maggots . Meanwhile, there are several songs that truly prominent from the other songs, such as Numbness, Charred Bones or Massive Weight of Shots. These songs are easy to remember and rapidity to realize the emotional when completed to hear it.

The entire song has a different emotional, but still in the same line as the imagination of decay and outrage. The debut album of Russian Brutal death 'Putrefied Cadaver' deserves to be recommended for lovers of sick brutal as me, which concerned with the level of disharmony brutal created.   Not to mention the high intensity of tempo and riffs created, which cause I love to stand on a high hill from the mainland of the massacre, who preparing to explore for the remaining body organs and smell the thousands of charred bodies. 'Weight of Massive shots' is one of the firebrands to eradicate over and over again.

 1.     Rotten Bitch    
2.     Convulsive Agony    
3.     Isolated Space    
4.     Cold Hands    
5.     Machine Gun Burst Prayer    
6.     Weight of Massive Shots    
7.     Numbness    
8.     Exhausted Mind
9.     Charred Bones 

Album: 95/100
Art : 65/100

Author: LILI
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