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'SCORCHED', Debut album 'Echoes of Dismemberment' coming on November 25th,2016

Delaware Death Metal Degenerates SCORCHED will release  their blood-splattered debut opus Echoes of Dismemberment on November 25th,2016  on Unspeakable Axe  Records!.  You are strongly encouraged to don a poncho, put on a pair of goggles, and then check out the album teaser here.

Emanating from a sleazy grindhouse theater where the floors are sticky with spilled soda and bodily fluids... sandwiched in the middle of a triple bill with infamous video nasties Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit On Your Grave... Delaware's deadliest dare you to leap headfirst into the the macabre and immerse yourself in Echoes of Dismemberment! 

Fueled by all manner of disreputable horror flicks and morbid metal bands, Echoes of Dismemberment is the death metal album of your worst nightmares. Around every corner and under every bed lurks a bloodthirsty madman with a rusty hunting knife, and you are now his prey.

1. To the Chamber
2. Torture Prolonged
3. Flesh Awaits
4. Craving Human Remnants
5. Dealings of a Gruesome Kind
6. Vile Lingering Stench
7. Rot in Confinement
8. Autopsy Incomplete
9. Echoes of Dismemberment
10. Scorched
11. Fluorescent Hell 

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