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'SKEWERED'. The Second song from The Forthcoming album Released

We missed the first single of the forthcoming album, entitled 'Viscous mucus'.  But, Do not worry, because it will be included in this article. Their second full-length album, entitled 'Deathmethyltryptamine' is one album that included the list of albums that we will purchase in October. The reason is simple: There is the pleasure when listening to their songs repeatedly. Furthermore, What they offer in the two songs published is the proof of how the way to relish the passion of death metal that truly enticing, absolutely revolting, and moreover, it truly has the diversity of emotions. 

Meanwhile, concerning the material that offered, In-depth, I bowed my head due to they still retain the glorious riffs of a long-time death metal. Additionally, I heard the rude sound accurately, consequently it caused to evoke a rebellion quickly. Not to mention, the depth of brutality offered that not difficult to hear, due to the balance between disharmony and harmony.  Accordingly, with fusion between dissonance and harmony, it keeps me seated to listen to these songs. So, what's your point of view when to listen to these songs?, My view is not necessary if you do not listen to these songs. So, take a seat and tie your body to listen to their songs below.

'Stillbirth Records', a division of 'Gore House Productions' will release their album on October 21, 2016.  'Deathmethyltryptamine' recorded by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios (God dethroned, obscenity, Despondency) in Rhauderfehn, Germany.  Additionally, The album Also includes the special guest vocals by Konni Gnirhul (Defeated Sanity).  While, the art designed by Mark Cooper of Mindrape art (Rings of Saturn, Extremely Rotten, Omnihility).

1.     Curbstomp Marathon        
2.     Nausea        
3.     Ground and Pound        
4.     Viscous Mucus        
5.     Organ Donor Kebab        
6.     Pawns of War        
7.     Animalism        
8.     Colombian Necktie        
9.     Red Knob Warts        
10.     The Lovesong        
11.     Trimethylaminuria        
12.     Fucked with a Stump

Written by Hephaesthus
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