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'WARFIST', Detail for The Second Full-Length Album Revealed

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Warfist's highly anticipated second full-length album, 'Metal to the Bone'.

For over a decade now, this Polish power trio - 'Pavulon' on skullcrushing, 'Wrath' on bulldozer, and 'Mihu' on vokills & chainsaw - the good metal fight, prolifically keeping the underground spirit alive across myriad splits, demos, and their debut EP, 'HellTyrant Rising', on Iron Bonehead in 2008. But it was their debut album, 2014's 'The Devil Lives in Grünberg', where Warfist introduced themselves with a nuclear-powered bang: such as the perfect, most poisonous lovechild between Motörhead and Sodom, this first full-length killed with power.

Metal to the Bone to crush posers further underfoot. Very fucking aptly titled. Metal to the Bone explodes with a hard-charging, hard-partying attack of blackthrash-meets-rock 'n' roll. However, whereas many of their contemporaries similarly offer obeisance to lust, filth, and sleaze, Warfist are truly living it here, and throttle the listener with an authenticity that's far from gimmicky "fun." Feel the full force of Warfist in your face! 

Metal to the Bone will coming on October 30th,2016

Cover art by Maciej Kamuda (Nunslaughter, Parricide, Necrofilth).

1.Pestilent Plague
2.Written with Blood
3.Convent of Sin
4.Tribe of Lebus
5.Breed of War
6.Metal to the Bone
8.Playing God
9.Reclaim the Crown

Before the album premiere, you can listen to a two new tracks - 'Written with Blood' and 'Breed of War' :

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