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'ABNORMAL INHUMANE', Advance Song from Forthcoming Album Revealed

After announcing to join the 'New Standard Elite Records', Greece Brutal death,' Abnormal Inhumane ', finally revealed their long-awaited album, since' Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide 'five years ago, titled' Consuming the Infinity '.  It will be released by the label on November 30, 2016. So prepare to welcome one of a ripping brutal death album this year.

'Consuming the Infinity' was recorded at Infected Studio with George Infected (Mass Infection), whereas mixed and mastering by Adrian Cappelletti in INURN Studio.  While, the Art designed by 'Marco Hasman'.

'Consuming the Infinity' is the highly anticipated brutality of the year (2016). Not just has been waiting for long for this release, however, the charm of brutal death metal on this one that makes me not want to switch to other genres. When listening to a song that  published some time ago, I went running to my album collection and return to listen to their first full-length album, and try to look for differences in the concept of music performed, and I did not find. The band does have their own brutality rules, abnormal with thought provoking tempo and have a ton of dazzling groove .  Moreover, consistently to a superb songwriting for the first album also as the obligation for me to listen to this forthcoming album.

Not just once or twice, I listened to 'Vortex of Unending Phenomena', perhaps even a hundred times, and in fact, I was never bored. Incisive and crudity riffs created is absolutely tight, and there is no rest time for stomping the head. Moreover, the ingenuity in songwriting evokes the diversity of emotions, such as savor the circumstances of carnage. Especially, the tight fighting sound rules, attractive transition riffs, and seductive grooves, as being crawled by a thousand centipedes in the body.

01. Vortex Of Unending Phenomena 
02. Extinction Of Landscapes 
03. Sovereignty On Earth
04. Morphogenic Asymmetry 
05. Orbs Of Spiritual Disintegration 
06. Interstellar Degradation 
07. Dimensional Deformity 
08. Galactic Conquest 
09. Empyrean Entities
10. Transcendental Elements

Written by Apollo
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