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'ANALEPSY', Debut Full-Length on January 2017 + Track list and Art revealed

After several months of work and dedication to this scene, 'ANALEPSY' proud to announce the cover art of the first full-length album entitled ‘Atrocities from Beyond’.

The release of this album is a cooperative job between Vomit Your Shirt and Rising Nemesis Records and it’s going to be out worldwide in January 2017.

Analepsy's statements,
‘Atrocities from Beyond’ is an original story created and talks about a clash between two eras.'  

'This story refers to the end of times and the origin of new ones, by the hand of corruption itself, that became matter with the power and will to create and eradicate, spreading the roots of evil through all cosmos, consuming everything in its path, leaving traces of destruction that molded future generations.'

'Once more, we worked hard to give you one more piece of brutality, containing crushing riffs and destructive vocals to match the Sci-Fi themed ambience.'

The cover art was made by Lordigan Pedro Sena.  He did an awesome job capturing all the elements of their story, converging in this beautiful piece of art.

Atrocities from Beyond’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso, while drums recorded at Nox Messor Studios by Tiago Mesquita, and This album contains 10 tracks of the best they made so far:

1. Apocalyptic Premonition
2. Rifts to Abhorrence
3.The Vermin Devourer
4. Witnesses of Extinction
5. Ferocious Aftermath
6. Engorged Absorption
7. Eons in Vacuum
8. Depths of Agony
9. Atrocity Deeds
10. Omen of Return

For now, they are finishing up everything to deliver their best music until now.  All they have to say that, they are extremely excited about this album and hope all of you are too.

Marco Martins - Guitar
Diogo Santana - Guitar/Vocals 
Fl├ívio Pereira - Bass 
Tiago Correia - Drums

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