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'BLADE OF HORUS', the brand new song music video 'Slain' presented

Sydney / Newcastle Technical Death Metal 'Blade of Horus' presents a new song that revealed through a video entitled 'Slain'. Featuring Dan Presland of Ne Obliviscaris on drums, 'Slain' in advance have been published by the Russian Label , 'Lacerated Enemy Records' on their bandcamp , which will release their forthcoming album on next year (2017).  So, dont be late for the more info from them.

Starting as the brainchild of Ivan Ellis, Blade of Horus (Formerly known as Eviscerator) began as a one man project, combining multiple metal influences with an overall technical death metal result. Focusing on technicality, brutality and without compromising memorable song structures. 

Combining all these elements with some traditional and middle eastern melodies into an organised chaos has always been Ivans specialty and unspoken style.  Chance meeting with Eric (Vocals, ex Putrefaction) got the idea of bringing vocals into the Eviscerator instrumentals. Eric loves for technical death metal is only matched by his love of brutal death metal, making the combination a perfect fit. 

Add James Buckman to the mix. James has been whoring his guitar skills all over Newcastle in several different projects, mainly Paradox Unseen. Paradox has been a force in Newcastle for some years, blending technicality, diverse song structures, wicked leads and a crushing stage show. James is bringing yet another technical element to the band, with a love for punishing his fingertips and studying his theory, the perfect compliment to Ivans mad finger work. (Official of Blade Of Horus Facebook)

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