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'BORNHOLM', The Official Lyric Video For Song 'March of Saturn' taken from Forthcoming album presented

Hungary Black Metal 'Bornholm' will release their fourth full-length album, entitled 'Primaeval pantheons' on December 2, 2016 under the license of Massacre Records. After presenting a teaser, this time, they publish the official lyric video for the song 'March of Saturn ' which could be heard and seen at this location:

'Primaeval Pantheons' was recorded in Pannonia Studio and mastered by Paul Ericksen (Paul Ericksen Recordings). Meanwhile, Art display was designed by P├ęter Sallai / Mortpaintgraphics.

Bornholm plays a great brand of pummelling melodic black metal,which utilizes all the hallmarks of the style ands also adds some unique touches to the genre.  In 2001 the first demo was released called 'Awakening Of the Ancient Ones' and an exciting journey has begun through the dark aeons.

1. Eye of Knowledge
2. Atavism
3. Runes of Power
4. Old
5. March of Saturn
6. Iron Crown
7. Seventh Reign 
8. Bloodstorm
9. Imperium (Divus Rex)

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