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'CARNALITY', Presents the official video for song 'God over Human Ruins' taken from their latest album 'Dystopia'

Italian brutal death 'Carnality' presents a music video for the song 'God over Human Ruins', which included in the album 'Dystopia' that released on October 15, 2014.  

Dystopia is still available at 

Hailing from Rimini (Italy), Carnality started their career as a five-piece brutal death metal act with the former members Marco Righetti (guitar) and Manuel Arlotti (drums),whith the vocalist Thomas Ghirardelli, the guitarist Christian Conti and the bass player Patrick Amati to complete the lineup. With the same lineup Carnality recorded at Gabriele Ravaglia’s Fear Studio their first demo ever entitled "Torment of Eternal Sorrow", characterized mainly by Cannibal Corpse influences .

In late 2013, Carnality faced a new challenge: after separation from bassist W. Leardini and the arrival of Shane (ex - Dawn Under Eclipse), the band recorded the new concept-album “Dystopia” at Simone Mularoni’s Domination Studio. The new album is carachterized by a powerful, clear and defined production, where each instrument clearly emerge from a huge wall of sound. It’s the direct evolution of the previous full-length sound’s with a certain and well-studied usage of melody, especially in guitar solos, to enrich a strong and fierce technical brutal death metal, denoting influences that comes from Nile, Job For a Cowboy and Behemoth ( Carnality Official Facebook )

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