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'DAY OF DOOM', The compilation album 'The second coming' released

New York’s death metal trio, 'Day of Doom' has released a compilation CD, entitled 'The second coming' consisting of their first two, and never officially released, ie  'Night of Horror (2006)' and 'Slaves To Insanity (2015 re-recording the 2010 sophomore LP).

This fourteen tracks portraying the evolution of this Long Island’s devastating unit. While, 'Night of Horror' contains Doug Cerrito as guest involved in the album’s production and laying down two leads.

Expect an original mixture of New York death Metal sickness accompanied with horror psychedelia and horror atmospheres which had even intensified on band’s third 2014 album 'The Gates of Horror'  that issued on Lavadome Productions.

Two tracks teaser from the compilation is streaming at this location:

Order The Second Coming at

Meanwhile, The band is currently finishing their new album 'Descent of Humanity' , where they have brushed and refined their musical formula.

Night of Horror
01. Pale Delineations
02. The Unblinking Eye
03. Tempest of Revenge
04. Nightmare Child
05. Womb of Hell
06. Hatred Is

Slaves To Insanity (Re-recording 2015)
07. Kill All the Humans
08. Perpetual Sorrow
09. Lust for Blood
10. Release the Inner Demon
11. These Creatures
12. The Exalted Ones
13. Inhumans
14. Slaves to Insanity

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