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HORROR PARADISE - The Prelude Of The Crawling Chaos (taken from forthcoming album) 

Something that involves increasingly furious in whatever situation for me and it happened quick when was slashed at once ripped by chainsaw riffs, forceful coarse sound setting, and unrefined grooves that offered by this Mexican brutal death, 'Horror Paradise'. Meanwhile, courageous tasty slam sets for the distinctive pangs. 

I do not entail the tier of disharmony to attain a satisfying to listen to brutal death metal, due to when 'Horror Paradise' provides the ferocity at once rugged on grooves and tempo , it has invented a domination of satisfaction. Additionally, this song was successful in conjuring and infusing an imagination in my mind that, the paradise has become frightening. Damn!.

This December (2016), Rotten Cemetery Records will release their album, entitled 'Portals Of Cannibalistic Dimensions'. 'Hail, Rotten Cemetery !.' 

Actually, there are other songs that have been published in their Bandcamp, but I'm pleased to listen to this one, entitled 'The Prelude Of The Crawling Chaos'. Nevertheless, slightly information that I found regarding this band. However, in line with this article, I will have a search of information regarding this band.  And now, preferable to listen to the song 'The Prelude Of The Crawling Chaos' below.



BLAST AGONY - Visões do Outro Lado (Promo 2016)

On behalf of the chaotic death metal, let me shears these ears, so that, the pain which is felt till inside my bones. And Poignant indeed, when to listen to the indentations of addle-headed paths that created by Brazilian death metal 'Blast Agony' on their promo song, entitled 'Visões do Outro Lado' that was released in August 2016.  

Meanwhile, Fulfilled with the depth of the distorting irregularities tempo and primness tremolo, which it was complicated to be ignored in the ears when to listen to the grooves, such as insulting the integrity of blasting death metal in each rhythm being played. 

Whereas The mixing sound is one that deficient, due to is still not comfortable in the ears.  However, they had the expressive brutality, and it should be proud of. Especially, I loved listening to the peculiarity of the death metal rules that let me be in into the blasphemy behavior simplified, against and relish the exotic of death metal.

Previously, Blast Agony has released a demo in 2015, entitled 'Inhuman Impalement' . And deliberately, I include the song 'Supreme Unholy Agony'.  Additionally, this Ep has been convenient to be heard. So, You must obtain something that was condemned at once dark on this one.  

Cristiano - Vocals
Almir matoso - Guitar
José Selva - Guitar
Júlio César - bass
Deivison Azevedo - drum



Their courage in exposes the clarity of unripe slams is worth anticipated. The band that currently, I pay attention for the last few months due to disassembling the cocky grooves of Devourment's spinal comes from Russia, which has released a demo in September 2016.

Meanwhile, the excitement continued, when Rotten Cemetery Records announced will handle the release of their upcoming album. So, anytime the album will be released, I would mark the date on my calendar.

Nearly seven minutes I was faced with one of the best machete riffs I've ever heard this year and that is from a new band.  Numerous Imagination about the serial killings that arise in my mind when listening to the audacious groove, cutthroat, and have the diversity of resentment.

Meanwhile, support by favorable technical songwriting is the main attraction, moreover, the impeccable of rigorous sound rules increase the tension of their songs. If permitted to predict, In five to ten years next and with the musical consistency, the band will be in style for the band, which appeared that year.


MAGGOTS (MEX) - Nekrosataniko Death Metal (DEMO 2016)

I do not want to talk concerning the rawness of death metal or the classical identity from this one, yet I'm pleased to talking concerning the uprisings that have been long dormant in my mind. All related to indignation, agitation to revolt from all sides of life, and dread or hate when dealing with the rules of life.  Furthermore, the anxiety to human behavior these days truly matching to the musical circumstance that they created, and it is highly precious due to a little bit I found such as this one in this year. While, The Most importantly, their lyrics are blasphemous.

Built through the old-style of death metal vision entirety by enhancing the enamor of vehemence tremolo that fits the framework of classic death metal could be felt in 'Nekrosataniko' easily. Especially, the intensity of attack-violent drumming and primitive revenge growl  complements sides of death metal possession increasingly that untouchable from the new style tendency.  'Maggots' Death metal is the roots that I sowed to the future and will be transmitted as a music lesson for my children.  Therefore, I do not want to refute that, the first time I know death metal was derived from the creation of this 'Maggots' concept, and it was nearly 25 years ago.

'Nekrosataniko Death Metal' is a demo that was released independently in August 2016 that consists of seven tracks.  A band that should be anticipated due to provide an honest rebellion in the form of assault relentlessly.   'Maggots' is also a band that brings the holiness of death metal to the surface by creating a vision of candor death metal.  So, do not be late for this one.

1. Nekrosataniko Death Metal  
2. Antidios  
3. Instinto de Supervivencia  
4. Dios Conquistado  
5. Cristo Podrido en el Estiércol  
6. Antikristo-Antikristiano  
7. Dios Hecho Excremento

Adán: Guitar/Vocals
César: Bass
Freddy: Drum

Written by Hephaesthus
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