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'DECREPIT CADAVER', Advance track from forthcoming album revealed

Still from Chile, After we published the article about the new songs of the new album by 'Gangrenous', this time, these ears return to loud resonant sound due to no curtailment of disharmony , which created by 'Decrepit Cadaver' through a song 'La Hecatombe De Ammyt' (property of Slamworldwide) , which will be found on their upcoming album, entitled 'Vortices a lo Macabro' . As it's known that, 'Decrepit Cadaver' will release the third full-length album since 'The Beginning of Depravity' five years ago, and I hope it has been ready and come this year.

A song that published recently, displays their musical style that has been heard on previous albums. Rapidly in creating the distinctness of persecution due to combines of old-style brutal death and gore. Meanwhile, discrepancy slamming and technical discordance on tempo, increasingly proving that 'Decrepit cadaver' is one of the brutal death band that has the highest level of musical dissonance. Of course, this dissonance is merciless at once distinctive. Is this the mandatory that required by a brutal death band ? as much as possible can create an ambiance of distinctive ruthlessness and crudity in the brain of the listener and never lost to be imagined?.  Therefore, you must know that you will never find the sensation even trends in their music.  And this can be proven from this song or their previous songs.

Written and Edit by Hephaestus
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