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'DEMONSEED', The Art and Track List + Advance song from Forthcoming Full-Length Album Revealed

After re-releasing the first full-length album 'Anatomy of Atrocity' included the demo 1999 ' this year (August 31th, 2016), Texas Brutal Death' Demonseed' will release the second full-length, entitled' Human Disposal Syndicate 'on the same label' Lord of Sick recordings' on December 15, 2016.

And recently, the label proudly displays the album art designed by 'Rudi Gorgingside' and announced the track list.  Meanwhile, the label also has opened pre-orders for 'Human Disposal Syndicate' at this location.

And a new song taken from the forthcoming album 'Human Disposal Syndicate' also has been published,entitled 'Goats Go To Hell'.   Please to listen it at this location.

1. Human Disposal Syndicate  
2. Searching Through the Carcass of a Hooker  
3. A Hopeless Concentration of Carnal Misery  
4. The Evil That Men Do  
5. Children of the Abyss  
6. Prosthetic  
7. Mongolian Death Worm  
8. A Beast in the Field  
9. Torn Apart by Wolves  
10. Goats Go to Hell

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