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'GANGRENOUS', Debut full-length coming on November 20th, 2016 + Advance songs revealed

Happy Weekend. First of all, I'm interested in listening to their music, especially on the two tracks of the new album that has been revealed due to the quality sounds that appealing and comfortable in the ears. The quality sound reflects the circumstances of poignancy, tension, and violence which affected the brain when listening to a sound like this rule, and its accordance with my criteria as connoisseurs of brutal death metal. all sounded clearly in my ears due to existing a balance on all instruments recorded, which absolutely no faint played. Additionally, the transition between riffs also offered solid and clear, and until now I still remember it.

Gangrenous, brutal death metal from Chile will release their first full-length album since 'Choking by Worms (demo) four years ago. They gave the title 'Necrotic Tumor of Mankind', which contains ten tracks and will be released by 'Rotten Cemetery Records' on November 20, 2016.  ' Necrotic Tumor of Mankind ' mastered by Victor Trujilo (Bass) in GangrecodE Studios, Valparaíso - Chile' , while recording and mixing was handled by Sebastian Palominos at Vardager Records, Quilpue - Chile. In addition, artwork by 'Rudi Gorgingsuicide' and for design / layout by' Cristian López (vocals) '.

Two songs that have been published, entitled "Impaling the Supremacy" and "Krokodil" had a good songwriting and identified from a fusion of old-styled brutal and slam. Offering a primitive blast and a lot of repulsive slam riffs , which evoking the adrenaline to slice the skin of the body immediately. Not to mention, the dissonance of tempo which unpredictable could persuade to listen to the other songs on the album, in the sense it could to add the curiosity.  I emphasize it again that, these songs add curious to hear the other songs on the album.  So, who wants his hand accidentally slicing his own face, make sure you're ready to welcome the pain of 'Necrotic Tumor of Mankind' in November.

'Rotten Cemetery Records' has opened pre-orders for the album here

1. Distorted Visions of Reality (3:24)
2. Necrotic Tumor of Mankind (4:07)
3. Impaling the Supremacy (3:19)
4. Krokodil (2:36)
5. Disciples of e-Opium (2:49)
6. Blood between the Nails (3:31)
7. Murdered, Dismembered and Burned (2:33)
8. 796 (3:19)
9. To the Bonfire of Salvation (2:08)
10. Spiritual Enemy (3:31)

Author: Sigbin
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