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'ILEMAUZER', Signs with 'Trancending Obscurity Asia' for the forthcoming Album next year

After Rudra and Assault, the label proud to have another respected and long-running band from Singapore Ilemauzar on our newly formed sub-label, 'Transcending Obscurity Asia'. The continent deserves special focus and in an attempt to do better justice to the bands and provide them with an international platform, the sub-label was formed earlier this year.

Transcending Obscurity Asia owner Kunal Choksi states, “It’s rare to find worthy bands from Asia but Ilemauzar have proved their mettle and are going strong with each year. Mikael is not only a helpful friend but also someone full of passion and understands the genre well. Ilemauzar have released a promising album in ‘The Ascension’ and their new one will be even better hopefully, which will be released in the next year or so via Transcending Obscurity Asia.”

Ilemauzer vocalist Mikael Bloodcurse comments, “Amidst the debut album launch and the upcoming “The Ascension Asia Tour”, a very infernal alliance was forged between Ilemauzar and India’s most hardworking and renowned label, Transcending Obscurity. We are humbly announcing that we will be working with our new label, Transcending Obscurity Asia, for the next album, hopefully to be unleashed between end of 2017 or early 2018. Kunal is a man full of passion in his work with bands and we believe that he will be able to bring Ilemauzar to a brand new level.”

Ilemauzar started in 1996 as a black metal band and played extensively in the underground gigs in Singapore and Malaysia. A demo titled, Pit of Despair was recorded in 1997 with 3 tracks strongly influence from the Greek style of metal in the veins of Rotting Christ and Varathron. The 1998 demo release scored a full length record deal with then kvlt label, Dark Artz Releases (Singapore)

Transcending Obscurity Asia sub-label now has the following bands signed to it – Rudra (Singapore), Assault (Singapore), Ilemauzar (Singapore), Severe Dementia (Bangladesh), Warhound (Bangladesh), Dusk (Pakistan) and Exalter (Bangladesh).

Transcending Obscurity Asia
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