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'INCARCERATION', The New Official Lyric Video for 'Obsessed By Death (From Debut Full-Length) presented

Tomorrow (October 28th,2016) is the date of Catharsis release.  And Today, The Brazilian Old-school Death Metal 'Incarceration' again presents an official lyric video, this time for the song, entitled Obsessed by Death (taken from debut full-length album 'Catharsis') , after a few days ago has presents the official lyric video for songs entitled 'Evoking the Possession', 'Infernal Suffering' and 'Chaos And Blasphemy.'  

If you missed, FDA Rekotz has these video at this location ('Infernal Suffering + Chaos And Blasphemy)

INCARCERATION is surely one of the most intense Death Metal acts worldwide. Did you ever see a Incarceration live ritual on stage ? You should, it's insane, it's fast, bloody and straight forward Death Metal deeper than to the bone. You can feel their power and passion the whole set long.   Now the time has come to unleash this beast on CD, Vinyl and Digital. The beast contains 10 brandnew songs and called 'CATHARSIS'. You can expect brutal, fast, catchy, intense and insane Death Metal. Incarceration built their own style of Death Metal. (FDA Rekotz)

The band comments regarding 'Catharsis': 
''It feels like we synthesized in half an hour the suffering and pain of a whole life. The songwriting lasted six years, and there you have a 'best of' of our most killer riffs and our most extreme feelings unleashed through pure death metallic spiritual regurgitation. The goal was to wash our souls and our past through extreme art, extreme music. That’s what we mean with ‘Catharsis’ - you’ll understand when you listen to it. This release is dedicated to you Diehards into the fastest and most frenetic riffs of earlier Slayer, Sepultura, Repugnant, Repulsion, Excoriate, Dark Angel and so on (you know what I mean). For those who already saw us live, know our EP Sacrifice or at least have heard songs like Forsaken and Forgotten you know what to expect: nothing less than an overdose of pure merciless killer death metal devastation, pushed to level 666! Chaos!!!!!''

  1. The Beckoning 
  2. Evoking the Possession 
  3. Devouring Darkness 
  4. Infernal Suffering 
  5. Chaos and Blasphemy 
  6. Purification 
  7. Obsessed by Death 
  8. Neverending Agony 
  9. Resignation 
  10. Into the Blackest Void 

Cover artwork by Hugo Silva (Abacrombie Ink) 

FDA Rekotz
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