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'INFECTOLOGY', Announced to join the 'New Standard Elite' for Upcoming album

Ecuadorian Brutal Death 'Infectology' recently announced that they agreed to join with 'New Standard Elite' to release the upcoming album.

The following statement from the band.

''The words can't describe how proud and happy now we are to join the best BDM label EVER!! We are very excited to be part of the New Standard of Sickness alongside some of our favorite bands such as: Cerebral Effusion, Disentomb, Inherit Disease, Gorgasm, Excoriation, Iniquitous Deeds, Omnipotent Hysteria, etc.  Thanks to Dan for trusting us and for making this dream come true!"


As known that the band has released their second full-length album, entitled 'Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment' through Gore House Productions in August.   So, Does this album is already in your hand?.   I suggest you to have it.   

For me who tend to favor the Authentic blasting sounds and obsolescence disharmony riffs in the authenticity of brutal death metal discordant that offered in each song is satisfaction guaranteed.   Moreover, when listened to repeatedly, it could raise an imaginary such in the vortex of repulsive mass murder, absolutely abominable, and No Way! to forgettable.  Therefore, It's circumstances indeed should be felt. Additionally, the rules of crushing sound such inducing these ears to entered by a thousand centipedes, it's completely original.  

'Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment' is distinctive, it is built by the peculiarity of brutal death and coupled with intensive disharmony.  Happy due to the one of The Most brutal death metal album this year is already in my hand.

Written by Argus

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