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'LECTERN', Official Music Video for Title track of the New Album Revealed

Old-School Brutal 'LECTERN' has released their second full-length album 'Precept of Delator', through the Polish label 'Via Nocturna' on September 23, 2016. The album can be found on a label at this location  Or direct from the band here:

Aggressive, furious and intimidating guitar work with massive battery overload in vein of classic 90’s Florida death metal. If you’re a fan of Morbid Angel and Obituary this is a must have in your collection. (Via Nocturn)

And The official music video for the title track has been presented, please watch here.

'Precept of Delator' recorded at the Outer Sound Studios in Rome, Italy during June - July 2016.

01. Gergal Profaner
02. Palpation of Sacramentarian
03. Fluent Bilocation
04. Distil Shambles
05. Pellucid
06. Diptych of Perked Oblation
07. Garn for Debitors
08. Precept of Delator
09. Discorporation with Feral

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