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'MATHEDRAS', Official Live Video Released

Italian Thrash/Death METHEDRAS have released a live video of the band performing "Dead Memories" - a track from 2014 Pavement Entertainment release System Subversion. The video was filmed in December 2015 at Sentrum (Kiev, Ukraine) during a performance in support of KREATOR. View the video at the following link:

METHEDRAS undertook their personal warpath against everything and everyone, an endless spiral of revenge, madness and suffering in order to claim the ultimate System Subversion and break the wall of hypocrisy! A deep voyage into the hugest sacrifices to get a fake freedom, the mankind blame for an imminent nuclear disaster, the last standing against misery and poorness, the strongest answer to our worst nightmares and an intimate hope for a final resurrection, without forgetting what is really important for every one of us: true friendship, good feelings, human dignity and mental sanity... the sensational comeback of the one and only Italian Thrash-Death-Killing-Machine, taking no prisoners at all!

Mathedras, Clawhammer
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