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'NORDJEVEL' , Official Video for song 'Djevelen I Nord' taken from debut self tittle album presented

The debut Self titled full-length album of The True Norwegian Black Metal , 'NORDJEVEL', has been released on January 29th , 2016 through France label 'Osmose Productions'.  It mixed and mastered by Patric Darkhyrys G at the WSL Studios in France.  'Nordjevel' featured the guest appearances of Troll's Nagash and 1349’s Archaon.  While, the art designed by Khaos Diktator Design.  The nine-track album was released in digipack,digital and vinyl.  If you want the true black metal, you can order here.

Recently, Osmose Productions and NORDJEVEL present the official video for the song , 'Djevelen I Nord'.  This video was directed by Marcin Halerz (Red Pig Productions), watch here.

Tracklisting for “Nordjevel” as follows:
1 The Shadows Of Morbid Hunger
2 Sing For Devastation
3 Djevelen I Nord (featuring Nagash on guest vocals)
4 The Funeral Smell
5 Denne Tidløse Krigsdom
6 Blood Horns
7 Det Ror Og Ror
8 Når Noen Andre Dør…
9. Norges Sorte Himmel featuring guitar solo by Archaon and guest vocals by Nagash)
10. Raining Blood (Slayer Cover) – Bonus Track for Digipack and Vinyl editions

Nordjevel was started in this unholy year of 2015 by Nord and Djevel, after conversations about views, music, black metal and all things occult about Norway. They found out they had so much in common, and they thought they should start playing together as their views on black metal, the origins of Norway and the occult were matching 100%.  Later the idea of this band was aired to Fredrik, who jumped onboard immediately. He will be a member on all future releases, as he also contributes to the writing of the music, but will only be able to appear live when he has time from Marduk. A session drummer for live appearences is already in place. (Nordjevel Homepage)


Written and edit by LILI

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