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OCTOPURATH - Spawned Beyond the Oneiric Abyss (EP-2016) * Review

Important for me before buying the new album from the band that I just knew was from the art displayed. There is the purpose that creates an imagination in my mind which could persuade to listen to the album. Had an admirable art can add to the desire for me to buy , even though I have yet listened to their songs. And the art of 'Spawned Beyond the Oneiric Abyss' persuades to listen to this dissonance. Indeed, there are no many colors in designing art for this album, yet there is the meaning of somber when a blend of Darkcyan and Black be mixed. Meanwhile, a monster that became the theme of art, making it as a centerpiece of ferocity. See the tentacles that dominate the sky above the bleak land, bringing delusional a creature born from the abyss. 'Oktopurath' from France released their debut EP through the label ,'Rising Nemesis Records'. 'Spawned Beyond the Oneiric Abyss' divides the somber brutal death that defined as the embodiment of the hellish pandemonium. My nightmare, increasingly darkens and unforgettable , when listened the ruthless elements of the brutality rules like this. Additionally, the album is alluring and creating the ferocity with presumptuous blasting on drums due to give many astonish of drumming is offered. Especially, it controlled all tempos of each song and create the depth of dissonance of this album. I like it so much. Certainly, this album gives diverse experience when listened to the brutal death metal.

There are several elements that identify their brutal death rules. I listened to the fusion of the long-time and new framework of brutal death metal. Meanwhile, the tempo can be unpredictable, not the same when I listened the brutal death metal as usual. I also feel the diversity of crudity slam, although not represent the whole, and foremost, it comes such as bring a thousand seeds of the demon through the circumstance of brutal they created. Therefore, my attitude is sitting quietly while imagining the throne of hell where I'm looking forward to the arrival of thousands of Belial that ready to provide the seeds of hatred. And I wait for this next Abyssinian ingenuity.

Renan - Vocals (Devour The Fetus)
Nico - Guitars (Eradikal Insane)
Cyrille - Guitars (Ark Of Descent)
Ben - Bass (ex Eradikal Insane, ex Emptydemic Degree)
Markus - Drums (Hymenotomy)

Album: 100/100
Art : 100/100

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Author: Cerberus
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