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'OSSUARY ANEX', New Song from The Forthcoming Album Revealed

Brutal Death Metal from Bashkortostan, Russia, 'Ossuary Anex' will release their second full-length album, entitled 'Mutilation Through Prayer' since the release of 'Awakening', four years ago. Meanwhile, A song has been revealed and you can listen here.

I listened to a few differences from the concept of their music, though not entirely.  However this one, I could feel of somber's exactly what I expected when listened to the old-style brutal death and it was noticeably energetic. As you should know that, 'Ossuary Anex', since the release of debut album 'Awakening', they are intense offer hackneyed riffs of brutal death metal, but slightly obscured by the tendency of slam riffs.  And now, through this full-length album to be released by the 'Lord Of Sick Recordings', and through a song called 'Enslaved Consciousness', obviously, I can feel the obsolescence of brutal death metal that still worships the depths of darkness, the depth of the insult and provoke a crudity situation , In addition, with the consistency of a clearly indentation as well as the transition of riffs that enticing, I opine that this album could be a recommendation for this year.

This second album will be released on November 14th, 2016, make sure you are on the site of 'Lord Of Sick Recordings'.  Changes toward preferable for this album could be a persuasion to wait for their next albums. I still believe that.

Written and Edit by Hephaesthus
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