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'PERVERSITY', The Fifth Full Length 'Idiolatry' On MetalAge Productions Next year

The years 2014 and 2015 are marked with gigs and making the new material. In autumn 2015, the new bass guitarist Peter “Oci“ Ocipa (Killerface guitarist, ex-Grinding Jesus Brothers) joined the band.  Perversity are: Kazatel, Dodi, Peter, Fetus and Oci. The guys had a fertile year 2016. In April – June they recorded a new album named 'Idolatry' and played at Slovak summer festivals: Gothoom, Flesh Party and Ynfest

The new album contains 10 tracks of pure death metal with certain amount of dark progress. It lasts 35 minutes. 

In January, 2017 the album will be released by the Slovak label MetalAge Productions which exists for many years. You can expect darkness and metal right from the heart!

Simply and clearly – Perversity goes on even after 21 years. DEATH METAL ETERNAL !

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