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'RESURRECTED', The Art and Track List for the forthcoming Full Length (Self-titled) album announced

The Glorified Germany Brutal death metal,  'Resurrected'  has completed their recording process for the forthcoming album since 'Penetrance of Terror (EP)' that released last year (2015).  This self-titled will contain 10 track-killer.  While, it will be unleashed within early 2017 on Metal Age Productions.

This self-titled album was recorded by Thomas Granzow at Catacomb Productions.  Whereas, Mixed & Mastering by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio.  Meanwhile, Tobias Huber from Bloodboy Art designs the artwork.

Recently, 'Resurrected' is proud and pleased to announce the track list and the art to displayed.

Let's welcome to this violence that coming next year. 

1. Hellcome
2. The overkill to dwell
3. Human killing spree
4. Bewareness of truth
5. Mutated generation
6. Necronymphomaniac
7. The forecast of horrors
8. Fathomless creation
9. Interlude
10. Denial (Solstice Cover)

Christoph Mieves - Vocals
Dennis Thiele - Drums
Thomas Granzow - Guitars 
Ben Bays - Bass

Written and Edit by Cerberus
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