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'SADISTIC INTENT' , The Tour Dates of 'Death is coming to Europe Tour' Announced

Killtown Bookings proudly presents: The return of one of the most raw and evil sounding death metal bands spawned on this black earth!

Death is coming to Europe Tour” 
December 8th 2016 to January 7th 2017!!!

Sadistic Intent announced earlier this week, that this tour might be one of the last times to catch this legendary band live…

The announcement from Rick and Bay Cortez; “We both started this band (Sadistic Intent) back in 1987 (technically ’86/different name), and over the years we’ve seen Metal go through its ups and downs. Some would tell us that our type of Metal was dead and to make matters worse, even some of our band members decided to leave the band. Rather than give up, we decided that we were going to keep Sadistic Intent alive and we’re certainly glad we did! We got the opportunities to appear in many countries around the world and have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of Metalheads who appreciate what we do with Sadistic Intent. Honestly, back in 1987, we had no idea we would still be around in 2016-17, and no idea that we would ever appear anywhere outside of our home town. The reality is though, eventually it shall all come to an end. We’re not saying we are about to embark on our ‘farewell’ tour, but for those of you who like Sadistic Intent, we do hope you can make it to our next appearances. The way life is, you never know, this could be the last time so we hope to see you again. Stay dark and away from trends…”

Sadistic Intent will be promoting the coming split release with Pentacle (nl) titled “Invocations Of The Death Ridden” which will be out on Iron Pegasus records.

Sadistic Intent serves on a cold plate putrid and evil Death metal since their inception in 1987. Run by the Cortez brothers Sadistic Intent has shown no compromise for almost 30 years with classic releases such as the ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Ancient Black Earth’ EPs. Throughout their numerous shows and tours around the world they have proven to be one of the most prominent Death metal bands.

Dehuman from Belgium revives the best fast and aggressive 90’s death metal straight and without compromise. With the release of their second record in 2015 they proved to be one of the most reliable and prominent death metal acts hailing from Belgium having brought their music throughout Europe and the Americas with numerous shows and tours.

Both bands are excited about the collaboration with Killtown Bookings for one of their most extensive tours of their respective careers. No rest for the wicked!

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