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'SUPPURATION', The Dates of European Blasting Devastation Tour 2017 Confirmed

The Colombian brutal death, 'Suppuration' along with Superb Brutal 'Bacteremia' and New York brutal death grind, 'Animals Killing People' will do tour in Europe next year (2017). and recently, the tour dates have been confirmed in several European cities. While, More dates and other info will be published soon.


Suppuration started in 1997 playing Death/Gore in the traditional style releasing a demo called Suppuration, just like the band would be called later. After this, Suppuration wanted to do something more brutal and heavier and we started to write something stronger and heavier so we decided to play more grind-gore. In 2000 the band started to get in touch with bands that were more popular than they were of the country (Colombia) and with festivals with brutal Death metal. In 2001we released a split called Noisy Funny Shit . We recorded 3 songs that was very brutal at the time. In 2005 we released the debut of the band called Pain and Suffering with the European label called Mutilated Records (Official Supuration Facebook)

Animals Killing People was formed at the end of the winter of 2003 in New York City. The band started as a side project of Manuel Quique [Bassist/Vocalist of Secrecy] on Guitars, Wilson Rairan [ex-drummer of Purulent, ex-Drummer of Copremesis, Drummer of Andromorphus Rexalia] on Bass, and Edwin Quiza [ex-drummer of Internal Suffering] on Drums. After a couple of months, Alex Beck [ex-Guitarist/Vocalist of Copremesis] joined the band on vocals, thus completing the first lineup. After the departure of Edwin and Alex in January 2004 due to musical and ideological differences, Wilson took a seat behind the kit. The first songs were composed with Wilson on drums and Manuel on guitar; the two decided that they needed to be recorded.(Offical Animals Killing People Facebook)

Bacteremia was born in August, 2006 with the idea of doing brutal death metal. At the beginning it was formed by Andres Felipe Soto (Terminal Hemorrhage) on Guitar and Carlos Andres Penagos (Gorephagia) on drums. In October, Jonathan (Undergrave) and Adrian (R.I.P.) joined the band, they did bass and Vocals, respectively. that way they could perform some concerts in medellin city. In January 2007, Jonathan and Adrian left the band and Bacteremia recorded a promotional song called Surgical addiction in a Criminal Mind, which was promoted in small compilation. (Official Bacteremia Facebook).  

Check their latest promo song 2016 here:

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