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'TEETHGRINDER', The Another New Song from Forthcoming Album Revealed

To get you into the right Halloween weekend mode, here is another track from TEETHGRINDER's forthcoming album 'Nihilism'!

Listen to the song 'The Pain Exceeds The Fear' at this location

It is logical: TEETHGRINDER's debut album 'Misanthropy' is followed by band’s second full length 'Nihilism'. The titles express the attitude and musical direction. In between grindcore, death metal, powerviolence, sludge, crust, and black metal, listeners will be confronted with an extreme violent and crude crossover sound. As 'Nihilism' already tells, the songs are destructive, dark tuned and pretty angry. TEETHGRINDER offers the soundtrack for the apocalypse – with intention!

Hailing from the Northern Netherlands, TEETHGRINDER came to be in early 2013. Former members of DrDoom and Greyline were looking to create loud, aggressive and rigorous music. And this is, what the Dutch quartet became known for since than. Nauseated by all the horror and pain in this world, TEETHGRINDER creates songs, which are the outspoken reflection of their anger and animosity.     

Following their Lifeforce Records debut 'Misanthropy', TEETHGRINDER emphasizes the substantial contrasts of their extreme style of play strongly. 'Nihilism' is an even more merciless album. This is pure hatred. The Dutch musicians operate with unfiltered frustration and shocking disillusion. In this understanding 'Nihilism' is a reflection of its time.

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