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'UNLIGHT', Presents the Video clip of 'Create And Annihilate' from the upcoming album 'Antihelion'

German Black Metal , 'UNLIGHT', has proclaimed that on November 4th, 2016, will release the seventh full-length album entitled 'Antihelion' through the 'War Anthem Records'.  Recently, they published the video clip for the song 'Create And Annihilate'.  

Black metal charismatic that has diverse atmosphere when heard their songs, especially, the dazzling melodies and lyrics that conjured the mind really touch my soul deeply.

So, later I'll put this album on the shrine in one part of my room.

track list:
1. Ekpyrosis
2. Create and Annihilate
3. Antihelion
4. The Bone Trumpet
5. Leveller of Kingdoms
6. Apollyon Nadir
7. Flight of the Sinistral Witch
8. Der Aether scwerer Erde
9. To Sear the Heavens
10. Nordic Tunes of Fenrir
11. First Son of Flame

written by Hephaestus

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