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'ANAKIM', The Official Music Video for track 'Before the Throne of Ereshkigal' from the upcoming debut presented

The First full-length album titled 'Monuments to Departed Worlds' from UK death metal 'Anakim' soon to be released.  Today, they present the debut music video from their upcoming album entitled 'Before the Throne of Ereshkigal'.  This video was filmed in glorious high Geoffinition by Visceral Video.  Please watch at this location

Anakim are a progressive death metal band from Dorset, UK. Founded in the summer of 2011, Anakim have been writing material ever since, and are currently recording their debut album, ‘Monuments to Departed Worlds’. Heavy, rhythmical riffs, melodic layers and daring song structures have become the signature of Anakim's sound. Their lyrical themes are epic and diverse; ancient Mesopotamian mythologies merge with modern science fiction fantasy to sculpt a truly grandiose atmosphere. 

Anakim's music has elements from many genres. With definite influences from death and black metal, there is also a progressive element to their music. It's dark, melodic and heavy, with contrasting sections of a more mellow nature. Striving to push boundaries with their music, Anakim forever seek unity between brutality and melody, finding balance between chaos and order.

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