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ARMORGOD - Aggression ov Hypocrisy (EP-2016) * Review

The owner of Metalbleedingcorp (Indonesia) came to Nepal to leave this CD in my residence, And whispered in my ears '' You should listen to this and feel, how they have created a maturity of brutal grooves and exceptionally savory. You will be angry, or will be pensive.  Or You will smile and pleased, and you will do it continuously every day until you feel that, how much of hatreds have you expressed?, or how difficult the fight of your life?, or how much of uprisings have you planned?, or could be, how much of the kindness have you been doing around you? '.

I do not mention this brutality as a mere dissonance, yet  a fancy charm of brutal death metal that it is unfortunate if to be missed. 'Armorgod' from Bandung, Indonesia, knew exactly how to create enjoyment of brutal death, which to be heard repeatedly, and Brutal death that has high emotional depth.

I do not need to listen to difficult riffs, I have not needed to listen to violence or thick -sounds rules too, yet lacks the transition of riffs clearly . I just need the transition of riffs that comfort and obvious, although simple yet it has not caused my ears turned to the other album.  Absolutely, Armorgod knows what I need.

Furthermore, I'm understanding that, there are three major elements that build their music, including Old-school brutal, melodic and technical. So, how the way to listen to a harmony in the brutal death metal ?, Definitely, I'll remember how the way that created by 'Armored'.

Ep entitled 'Aggression ov Hypocrisy' is a continuation of a song demo that have been released earlier in 2015. It consists of four tracks and released by Indonesian label 'Horrible Extreme Musick Media Creation' on October 2016.  And Fuck, ' Aggression ov Hypocrisy ' has the extraordinary cozy,   therefore, I cannot forget their riffs until now, and  I'm addicted to the nuance that has been created in every song too.

1. Terkubur Membusuk
2. Observasi Mati
3. Beyond Our Suffering
4. Aggression ov Hypocrisy

written by Apollo

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