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'BELLIGERENT INTENT', Third Full Length 'The Crucifire' set out on 11 November 2016 on the Digital + Advance songs revealed

Melbourne, Australia, brutal black metal 'Belligerent Intent' has released the third full-length album entitled 'The Crucifire' on CD on October 26, 2016, and set in the Digital on November 11, 2016. The successor of Seven Are They (2012), and Eternity of Hell and Torment (2014) released independently that includes nine tracks that lead to the expression of hatred thoroughly and deeply.

A song called 'Tyrants of Slaughter' has been revealed, and can be heard at this location.

A matching vicious path, where the density of brutal death was conditioned by the conscience of malicious grooves thoroughly and deeply without allowing exhilaration interval, due to there is only hatred, agitation to blaspheme, and unrelenting spreads atrocity. So, therefore, let's welcome for a set of this iniquity.

When just want to enjoy one expression among thousands of hate, I can't move from one path to another path when listening to a song called 'Tyrants of Slaughter' because it was coupled with brilliant songwriting at once ruthless.  Within the other sense, I could not dampen the anger in every condition which instigates to hate, because all the riffs unrelenting created sustainable vengeance, infuriated by enchanting melodies, at the same time to provoke the circumstances of blood rises, and also indignant with blasting drums mercilessly. Moreover, supported by the correlation of grumpy sound rules, make this album creates a craving for the rampage.

And recently, another song entitled Burning Halls Of Damnation also has been revealed.  
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'The Crucifire' can be ordered at this location

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1. Repent the Flesh  
2. Tyrants of Slaughter
3. Diabolical Sacrilege  
4. The Second Death  
5. Burning Halls of Damnation  
6. Menacing in Hate  
7. Tortured Redeemer  
8. Be the Victorious  
9. The Crucifire

written and edit by Apollo
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