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'BLASTFEST (2017) - Bergen Norway, 22nd -25th February 2017' : Day Schedule Update (With a Few Changes)

Here is an updated day schedule for BLASTFEST 2017 with a few changes. they have also had much feedback on lack of sitting area to rest and chill, so they have decided to leave the "Sardinen room" for market and extra sitting area.

Wednesday - Feb 22nd (Venue: Hulen)
ELIZABETH (Bathory Tribute) (Norway)
Lucifer's Child (Greece)
Abyssic (Norway)
Aspherium (Norway)
OVEROTH (United Kingdom)
Burning Hatred (Netherlands)

Thursday - Feb 23rd (Venue: USF Verftet)
Scour (USA) - "World debut ft. Phil Anselmo"
Dying Fetus (USA)
Memoriam (United Kingdom) - "Ft. members of Bolt Thrower/Benediction"
Batushka (Poland)
AJATTARA (Finland)
Torture Killer official (Finland)
Cut Up (Sweden) 
ZHRINE (Iceland)
The Monolith Deathcult (Netherlands)
Nordjevel (Norway)
Beneath (Iceland)
ADE (Italy)

Friday - Feb 24th
Marduk Official (Sweden) - "Exclusive Heaven Shall Burn... set"
HELL (United Kingdom)
Hour Of Penance (Italy)
Sigh (Japan)
Angelcorpse_official (USA)
Emptiness (Belgium)
Benighted (France)
D E L U G E (France) 
AVSLUT (Sweden)
Doomas (Slovakia)

Saturday - Feb 25th
Devin Townsend (Canada) - "Exclusive extra heavy set"
Between The Buried And Me (USA)
Leprous (Norway)
Akercocke (United Kingdom)
Blood Red Throne - Official (Norway)
Gehenna (Norway)
HateSphere (Denmark)
KRONOS (France)
IXXI (Sweden)
Trident (Sweden)
Auðn (Iceland)

Tickets on sale now (day tickets now available):

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